Terms & Conditions


By submitting the order form and completing payment a customer enters into a service contract with Martin Huber (LANDREGISTRY24). LANDREGISTRY24 is a private service provider without any affiliation to the UK government or HMLR. The subject of the service contract are land registry documents, retrieved for specific properties named and confirmed by the customer by using the order form.


All prices, if not otherwise stated, include any applicable taxes, especially VAT. The services supplied are subject to Austrian VAT.
Customers can pay via payment service providers (PSP) using Credit Cards, SOFORT Banking, Skrill Direct Debit or Credit. If supported by the PSP, customers create a payment authorization during the order process. The payment is captured only after successful delivery. If parts of all of the order cannot be fulfilled, the customer will be reimbursed for any corresponding payments.


The requested documents and the invoice will be delivered to the e-mail address supplied by the customer. The documents will be in PDF format. Delivery , depending on product and payment methods, usually takes place within several hours after the payment is received or authorized.
If the requested documents cannot be retrieved or in case of other errors, the customer will be informed via e-mail.

Right of Withdrawal

Customers may - within 10 business days after ordering - withdraw their order for any reason. For this purpose please contact us via e-mail at landregistry24@gmail.com. This right expires the moment when documents are retrieved on behalf of a customer's order, as cost, uniquely attributable to them, is incurred. Due to the semi-automated manner of retrieval, this can happen immediately following the payment authorization. Withdrawal may never occur after an order has successfully and correctly been fulfilled.


LANDREGISTRY24 submits documents as retrieved from HMLR and does not assume any liability with regard to the factual accuracy of those documents.


This agreement shall be governed by Austrian law, the courts of Bregenz and Innsbruck shall have exclusive jurisdiction.


Martin Huber
249 Hälin
Langen bei Bregenz 6932, Vorarlberg

LANDREGISTRY24 is a private service provider without any affiliation to the UK Government or HMLR.